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Fuck you
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If you’re the representative of your gender - no thank you.

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Does it hurt to be so fucking stupid?
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Does it hurt to be that much of a coward you need to hide behind an Anonymous post?

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So you think you're not racist..

In my country people like to refer to the fact we have a “boat people” problem.
I disagree.

I believe my country has a problem with “boat people” that is to say, we don’t have a problem with the amount of refugees seeking refuge in my country, we have a problem with the fact they want to live here.

Because we are a white dominated country that thrives on racism.

When I get on my bus to work, I see diversity in action. I see many different people representing many different countries or people who have ancestors who originate from different countries. Different people, different religions, different backgrounds – many differences and many similarities.

When I make the mistake of flipping on the “news” or reading a paper, I see white people in power using scare-tactics to speak to the racism of the white population in order to get votes or get money or get attention. I see people who have never been a position where they have needed to flee their country for fear of death and destruction dismissing the plight of their fellow humans. Countries at war. Families torn apart. Families making a terrifying trip across the ocean on a plank of wood disguised as a boat, people who underneath the fear – have a small glimmer of hope about getting anywhere away from the horror behind them. The hope that can find a new place to call home. I see people with privilege, people with homes turning people in need away from having a home because they lack compassion and empathy.

When I listen to the people who would gladly shut the door on a refugee child in need, they attempt to disguise their racism with cries of “They can come here! Just the legal way, through the front door” disregarding the fact, the largest majority of illegal immigrants to my country are white backpackers on visas from other white dominated countries who overstay their visas and don’t go home.

We live in a country were government financial assistance is both expected and scorned. People simultaneously moan about others getting “free handouts on welfare” why expecting it if they’ve lost their job. I live in a country where people who have privilege don’t understand that helping those in need through financial assistance or seeking asylum isn’t a free handout – it’s assisting your fellow humans because they have less than you do.

I live in a country where people deny assistance to others because they themselves don’t need assistance, so why should anyone else? I live in a country where people deny a safe place for refugees to call home based on xenophobia. I live in a country where people deny refugees safe haven based on an inability to have empathy and compassion. I live in a country where my own sibling has a government provided house and financial assistance but she would deny that same assistance to others based on the colour of their skin.

“But you don’t know who they are! They could be murderers!” and so could the person getting on the plane next to you, with a fake passport. I live in a country where difference is not allowed because refugees may bring a different culture or play by “other rules” despite my country having laws.

I live in a country where people happily turn away small children needing a home if they come by a boat because “not our children, not our problem”. I live in a country where compassion is finite and conditional on the colour of ones skin.

Next time you talk about “boat people” think about what you are really saying. Are you attempting to justify your racism or are you simply an uncompassionate person who will slam the door on children and families in need?


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Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel 

Speaking their lines vs the final product

Why is Vin Diesel looking down? Is he worried he’s gonna forget his line?

Vin Diesel asked the director his inspiration for every line he did and did multiple takes until he was satisfied. He also recorded the line over 1,000 times and also recorded his lines in Mandarin, Portuguese, French, and Spanish so they could use his real voice in those versions. He’s looking at his lines because Vin Diesel is a  dedicated  motherfucking professional

And then he showed up at the LA premiere like this: 

Vin Diesel in an I AM GROOT shirt, on stilts, because he is awesome and magical

Stilts, people!

Vin Diesel is so fantastic every time I hear people mock him I just want to be like “excuse you, do you know of any other multi-racial actor in Hollywood who’s fronted a blockbuster franchise featuring an unashamedly multi-cultural cast full of primarily non-white actors, and who has done it unapologetically over and over again for *seven* installments? NO, YOU DON’T, SIT THE FUCK DOWN.”

<3 <3 <3

Vin Diesel makes goofy movies like The Pacifier so he can keep making Riddick movies. He even went so far as to found Tigon Studios to make sure the Riddick video game was good (it was awesome).

I love Vin Diesel!

In high school and college, when Vin Diesel really rose to box office prominence, I used to hate Vin Diesel because he seemed like the kind of dumb macho guy that A. made fun of me a lot and B., well, A’s enough, isn’t it? 

And then he went on “The Tonight Show” and talked in depth about his high school life as a hardcore D&D player. So. I’m on board with Vin Diesel now. And also, like, don’t judge people by how they look

i don’t even care about the gifs. reblogging for the comments and cause Vin is my boy. 

whoa i learned things

I am 100% Certain Vin Diesels acting career is to fund his Riddick productions which are just films of his D&D character.

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This photo caused so much controversy when I posted it on Instagram, I was called a slut by people that didn’t even know me, and it’s really funny because in this photo I am relaxing TOPLESS at the BEACH next to my BOYFRIEND of THREE years. My body is mine, and I’m so fucking proud of it. You will not stop me by reporting my photos.


This photo caused so much controversy when I posted it on Instagram, I was called a slut by people that didn’t even know me, and it’s really funny because in this photo I am relaxing TOPLESS at the BEACH next to my BOYFRIEND of THREE years. My body is mine, and I’m so fucking proud of it. You will not stop me by reporting my photos.

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This is the kinda beautiful shit i desperately need in my room.

Someone come paint my walls like this. I’ll pay you in cookies and high fives

but wow, what a great use of space these rooms have


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The allure of alternative medicine - why people believe in magic

Alternative practitioners like homeopaths and naturopaths offer empathy and understanding. They offer 1 hour sessions instead of 15 minutes. They talk to you and build rapport. They want to know everything about you and your troubles, they make you feel calm and listened to. They claim to want to treat the entirety of you rather than just one symptom. You leave their office feeling refreshed and not ill at all. FINALLY someone is listening to you. A trip to a homeopath is like a therapy – they both cost the same except a psychologist is licensed and their treatment is based in science. By the time you leave the office of a homeopath – you don’t care the treatment sounds magical. You don’t think about scientific facts and chemistry or the laws of physics – you may not even know about them, all you know is that you feel good.

Now there generally isn’t anything wrong with the placebo effect. If you feel good then you feel good. I would have no issue with homeopaths selling water as a placebo to make people feel better or a reiki healer waving their hands over people in order to create a placebo effect so their customer feels good. But the underlining dangerous practices of alternative medicine is not the exploitation of the placebo effect but the scare-tactics they use in order to get more customers through their doors.

Alternative medicine cannot survive if medicine continues. If medicine continues to find cures for disease and create vaccines to help prevent disease – alternative medicine will be rendered obsolete which is why we have a shockingly growing movement of anti-vaccination peddlers. Which is why movement that promotes anti-science is no longer being contained to small isolated pockets of the community – with the rise in technology comes a rise in dangerous ideas.